On Hybrid Warfare and Countering Its Effects
          Marian BOTEA

          Hybrid Warfare and Its Manifestations in the Crisis in Ukraine
          Mihai-Cristian STANCU

           Combating Hybrid Threats at the European Union Level
            Viorica Ionela TRINCU

            Hybrid Warfare – Features and Effects –
            Romică CERNAT

            Parametres for the European Union Defence Planning Process
            Dragoş ILINCA
            Permanent Structured Cooperation – A Small Step for the European Military-Political Integration?
            Dacian DUNA
            Raul-Ciprian DĂNCUŢĂ
            Intelligence Support – An Essential Condition for Success in Countering Hybrid Threats
            Ciprian EFIMOV
            The East-West Confrontation and the New Cold War
            Mihail ORZEAŢĂ
            New Technologies – Risks and Vulnerabilities for the National Security. Cyberterrorism
            Anca SAVU
            Florentina-Ştefania NEAGU
            The Weaponized Narrative – The New Battlespace of the 21st Century
            Viorica Ionela TRINCU
            Romanian Armed Forces – Public Service
            Corneliu POSTU
            Leaders Education – Decisive Factor In Effective Organisational Leadership –
            Cosmin BUŢA
            NATO – International Hub for Promoting Gender Perspective Within the Armed Forces
            Silvia STANCIU
            Case Study on the Potential Application of Serious Gaming in the Area of European Defence
            Nikolay PAVLOV
            Stefan HADJITODOROV
            Atanas RADEV
            Martin SOKOLOV
            Future Command and Control of Electronic Warfare
            Malte von SPRECKELSEN
            Erik BAMFORD
            Milestones in the Cooperation Between the USSR and the People’s Republic of China During the 1949-1991 Period – A Historical Perspective –
            Eugen LUNGU

Publisher: Defence Staff
Journal of Military Science
and Security Studies
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