Chairman of the Editorial Board

Lieutenant-General Daniel PETRESCU

Academician Dan BERINDEI, PhD
Major General Vasile TOADER
Major General BEng Teodor INCICAȘ, PhD
Brigadier General Corneliu POSTU
Air Flotilla General George SPIRIDONESCU
Brigadier General BEng Constantin NEGREA, PhD
Brigadier General Mircea GOLOGAN
Brigadier General BEng Nicolae MARIA-ZAMFIRESCU
Brigadier General Dragoș-Dumitru IACOB, PhD
Brigadier General Marian BOTEA

Publisher: Defence Staff
Journal of Military Science
and Security Studies

  • The International Scientific Conference "Security and Defence between History, Theory and Public Policies"

    On 6-7 November 2019, the Defence Staff will organise the international scientific conference "Security and Defence between History, Theory and Public Policies", in the context of the 160th anniversary of the Defence Staff and the 155th anniversary of Gândirea Militară Românească Journal.
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