An author may participate with a maximum of 2 papers, signed individually or as co-author. A paper can have up to 3 co-authors.         
The papers will be peer-reviewed by an international scientific committee. The published papers are property of the Gândirea militară românească Journal.
The papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings volume having ISSN code, in English, both in print and electronically (limited edition, for academic libraries).
Only the papers that are submitted before the deadline and are accepted following the scientific evaluation process will be published.
The most valuable papers will be published in a special bilingual (Romanian, English) issue of the Gândirea militară românească Journal (included in the Journal Master List of the EBSCO database).
The paper will be submitted in both Romanian and English electronically, saved in Microsoft Office using ".doc"/".docx" extension (one file per paper) at:, as an attachment, after the author receives confirmation of the title and abstract acceptance.
The file will be named as follows: "Name and First Name of the first author no.paper.doc". Example: "Popescu Ion 1.doc"
In compliance with international editorial standards and rules, the authors are requested to fill in the Open Access Licence, available here. The original form, signed by the author, will be scanned and sent by email at together with the scientific paper.
The papers will not contain classified information.
The publication of the papers presented within the framework of the conference is conditioned by the compliance with deadlines, scientific rigour and the present guidelines.

- the authors submit the title and abstract of their paper in a Microsoft Office file with the ".doc"/".docx" extension, both in Romanian and in English;
- the members of the international scientific committee evaluate the relevance of the title and abstract for the theme of the conference;
- the authors are notified regarding the acceptance/rejection of the title and the abstract of the submitted paper;
- the final paper will be sent (in Romanian and English) to the organisers at;
- the paper is scientifically evaluated by the members of the international scientific committee;
- the authors are notified regarding the acceptance/rejection of the paper – or regarding resubmission guidelines.

  1. The papers should be 8-12 pages in length.
  2. The papers will be integrally written in both Romanian and English.
  3. Paper structure: Introduction, 2-3 chapters (with subchapters, if necessary), Conclusions.
  4. Text editor: Word 2003, 2007.
  5. Page setup: A4, borders: 2,2,2,2 cm.
  6. Font: Times New Roman, size 12, spacing: single line, Justify.
  7. Paper title: size 14, capital letters, centred, Bold.
  8. The title will be followed by two blank spaces and the author's personal data (First Name, NAME), size 12, Bold, Italic, Centred.
  9. At the end of the author's name, a footnote must be inserted, size 10, with the following data: military rank, academic/research title, scientific title, first name, name, main institutional affiliation, city, country, e-mail. The second author (if it is the case) will be mentioned after the first author, having also a footnote with the above-mentioned elements.
  10. There will be two blank spaces between the name of the author and the abstract.
  11. The abstract will have maximum 150 words, size 12, Italic.
  12. There will be a blank space between the abstract and keywords.
  13. Keywords: 5-8.
  14. Paragraphs, chapter and subchapter titles will start on the left at one Tab (1,25 cm).
  15. The titles of the chapters and subchapters will be: 1, 2, 3, and 1.1., 1.2., 1.3.2, respectively.
  16. There will be a blank space before and after each chapter.
  17. To highlight elements in the text the same font, Italic, will be used.
  18. Tables/graphs/pictures will be inserted in the text as follows:  "Table/Figure no. 1:  title". The source(if it is the case) will be mentioned as footnote.
  19. Citations and references in the text will be marked in compliance with the American Psychological Association (APA) norms. Further info is available at
    References in the text will contain the following identification elements: (Author’s name, year of publication, Page). The complete set of information on the cited work will be presented at the end of the text, as bibliographical references, having the following format: Author’s name, the initial letter of the first name. (Year of publication). Title (Italic). Place of publication: Publishing house.

  20. reference in the text: (Sapolsky, 2017, p. 13).
    • reference at the end of the paper, Bibliography: Sapolsky, R. M. (2017). Behave: The biology of humans at our best and worst. Penguin Books.
    For the internet sources, all available bibliographical references will be provided: author, page context, complete link, data of information retrieval. The titles of the papers will be provided in the original language (i.e. the titles will not be translated).

    20. The bibliography will be inserted at the end of the paper.

    21. The pages of the paper will not be numbered.