Romanian Military Thinking International Conference is organised by the Defence Staff, in the context of the anniversary of 162 years since the Defence Staff was established as well as of the 23rd edition of the Gândirea Militară Românească Journal Awards.

          To debate the topics associated with national defence and security, in the context of the most recent developments in the security environment at the regional and global level.

- to promote the security culture not only among the institutions within the national system of defence, public order and national security but also among those in the civil society;
- to disseminate the most valuable papers presented at the conference, in both a special issue of Gândirea militară românească journal and in the Conference Proceedings;
- to enhance the cooperation of the Defence Staff with the institutions related to the higher military education and the national system of defence, public order and national security;
- to conduct constructive debates between experts in the operational environment, in the military and civilian academic domain, as well as among the civilian security analysts, on topical themes relating to the evolution of security at the national and international level.
         An author may participate with a maximum of two papers, signed individually or as co-author. A paper can have up to 3 co-authors.         
        The papers will be peer-reviewed by an international scientific committee.
        The Conference papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings volume having ISSN code, in English, both in print and electronically (limited edition, for academic libraries).
        Only the papers that are submitted before the deadline and are accepted following the scientific evaluation process will be published.

Contributors and Participants: 

A. Contributors:
• military services representatives;
• NDU and military academies representatives;
• Defence Staff representatives;
• Medical Directorate, Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency.

B. Romanian collaborators of Gândirea militară românească Journal, professors and students/Master's students/PhD candidates in military academies, Romanian Armed Forces military researchers; 

C. specialists, experts, academic staff and researchers from Romanian civil education and research institutions (University of Bucharest, National School of Political and Administrative Studies), Presidential Administration representatives, EURISC (European Institute for Risk, Security and Communication Management) Foundation, ESGA (Expert for Security and Global Affairs) Association, Monitorul Apărării, New Strategy Center, Ministry of Internal Affairs (Romanian Police, Romanian Border Police, Romanian Gendarmerie, General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Operational Centre for Emergency Situations), Romanian Intelligence Service, specialists and experts from other institutions belonging to the national system of defence, public order and national security, students, Master's students, PhD candidates.