International Scientific Conference


Gândirea militară românească
Bucharest, National Military Circle, 6-7 November 2019


Captain (N) Gheorghe-Cristian BOGDAN is Deputy Chief of the Strategic Planning Directorate. His previous positions include Branch Head, Strategies and Strategic Operations Planning Branch, Strategic Planning Directorate, Military Liaison Officer, Office of Operations, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, UN Secretariat, New York City, Assistant Lecturer of the Naval Department, Command and Staff College, National Defense University, Bucharest. He attended the Naval Staff College of the Naval War College, Newport, R.I., USA and holds a Doctorate degree in Military Affairs, „Carol I” National Defence University. He has a UN Medal for participation in MONUSCO (United Nations Organisation Stabilisation Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo).
Lieutenant-General (r.) Florian RĂPAN, PhD is Dean of the Political Science Faculty within the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, Bucharest. He was Head of the Doctrine and Training Directorate of the ROU Defence Staff and Deputy Commandant (Rector) of the “Carol I” National Defence University. He has a PhD in Military Science and several postgraduate courses attended in education institutions such as the European Centre for Security Studies “George C. Marshall” and the National Defence College within the “Carol I” National Defence University, Bucharest.
Colonel Dorin Corneliu PLEȘCAN is Deputy Head of Training and Doctrine Directorate. He was Executive Officer to the CHOD and Chief of the International Relations Section at the Land Forces Staff. He served his country abroad in two missions, as Staff Officer in Kabul, Afghanistan and Liaison Officer and Commander of ROFND IV Detachment in Kosovo. Some of the milestones of his military education are the Signal Active Officer Military School, the Command and Staff College, at the National Defence University and the National War College in Washington, USA.
Commodore Laurențiu POPESCU, PhD is a Senior Lecturer at the Air Force Department, Command and Staff Faculty, „Carol I” National Defence University, Bucharest. He holds a mechanical engineering degree and a PhD from the „Politehnica” University from Timișoara, Romania, and a PhD in Military Sciences and Intelligence from „Carol I” National Defence University, Bucharest. He is the Scientific Director of one of the main Research Centre of „Carol I” National Defence University and former president of „UVS Romania”.
Colonel Constantin NICOLAESCU, PhD is Deputy Chief of Training at the Land Forces Staff. He held many special operations command and staff positions, including Acting Chief of Staff of the Special Operations Forces Command, Deputy Chief of Staff for Resources of the Special Operation Forces Command, Chief of Staff of the 6th Special Operations Brigade „Mihai Viteazul”, Commander of the 620th Special Operations Battalion „Băneasa Otopeni”. Highly trained and with many years of experience in the field, Colonel Nicolaescu served his country in specific missions conducted in two theatres of operations. He completed his Doctorate degree at the „Carol I” National Defence University.
Colonel (AF) Nicolae CREȚU was appointed commander of the 903rd Helicopters Squadron/90 Air Transport Base in 2017. He is responsible for planning, conducting, executing, controlling and evaluating the missions and actions specific to the aviation structure in accordance with the Doctrine for Operations of the Air Force and meeting the aeronautical safety criteria. Previously, he served in various operational positions within the Air Force Staff. In 2012-2013, he participated in the UN peacekeeping mission MONUSCO, in D.R. Congo. He graduated from “Henri Coandă” Air Force Academy and “Carol I” National Defence University.