International Scientific Conference


Gândirea militară românească
Bucharest, National Military Circle, 6-7 November 2019

          On 6-7 November 2019, the Defence Staff will organise the conference Security and Defence between History, Theory and Public Policies, in the context of the 160th anniversary of the Defence Staff and the 155th anniversary of Gândirea Militară Românească Journal.

          Conference main purpose:
Debate on the issue of national security and defence, in the context of the latest developments of the regional and global security environment.
An author may participate with a maximum of two papers, signed individually or as co-author. A paper can have up to 3 co-authors.         
The papers will be peer-reviewed by an international scientific committee.
Conference papers will be published in a volume with ISSN code, in English, both in print and electronically (limited edition, for academic libraries).
Only papers that are submitted before the deadline and pass the scientific evaluation will be published.
The best rated papers will be published in a special bilingual issue (Romanian and English) of the Gândirea militară românească Journal (indexed by EBSCO database)
The following are expected to participate in this activity: representatives of military services, NDU, military academies, Defence Staff, Romanian collaborators of Gândirea militară românească Journal, military academies' professors and students/Master's students/PhD candidates, military researchers, specialists, experts, academic staff and researchers from Romanian civil education and research institutions, representatives of the Presidential Administration, EURISC (European Institute for Risk, Security and Communication Management) Foundation, ESGA (Expert for Security and Global Affairs) Association, Monitorul Apărării, New Strategy Center, Ministry of Internal Affairs (Romanian Police, Romanian Border Police, Romanian Gendarmerie, General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Operational Centre for Emergency Situations), Romanian Intelligence Service, specialists and experts from other institutions belonging to the National system of defence, public order and national security, students, Master's students, PhD candidates.
           Venue: National Military Circle.